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5 stars on both Facebook & Google reviews!



I just love ! Everyone's so friendly and the coaches are always ready to help!


From someone that has never enjoyed going to the gym, this really is a breath of fresh air. No egos and all round really friendly environment. Cannot recommend highly enough


I had spinal surgery 10 years ago and spent years trying to find a way to stop my constant back pain. After multiple appointments with doctors, surgeons and physiotherapists I finally booked an appointment  and haven’t looked back! I was told by surgeons I would need an operation to help relieve the pain but after just a few months of training with Simon my back pain stopped. I very rarely have back pain now, almost 2 years on and I am so much happier and healthier. 


I wasn't sure at first but without realising I have lost 3 inches on my waist, gain a load of muscle and eaten more than ever!

I loved how easy each stage was, as it was tailored to me!  


I got my confidence back! That was the main thing! I've lost 2 stone and gained so much strength, but the feeling I get now is amazing! The community here is special too!

Everything a normal gym is.... NOT!

Not Sure??

Why don't you book a personal Connect Call with our Head Coach? Ask any questions you may like and then start the best thing you have done for your life!

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